Private Party

Roxberry Boutique wants to bring our fashion to your home!   Contact us to book a private party today and receive amazing incentives on our clothing line.  Eat, drink, and try on clothes!  It's a great way to celebrate with friends and family, and our number one rule is that you have fun.

We only ask that the following criteria be met to book a private party:
A distance of no further than 30 miles from Roxberry Boutique
Minimum of 6 guests attending.
Hours: Flexible, please contact us.

A Roxberry Boutique hostess will receive the following incentives for having a private party:
A credit of 20% of your total party sales to any Roxberry Boutique product.
Credit must be used at the time of the party.

As a hostess of a Roxberry Boutique party, we suggest the following be provided for your guests:
Food - Snacks or hors d'ouvres.
Drinks - Alcoholic or non alcoholic.
Inform guests they should be prepared to order at least one item.
Provide a private dressing area for guests to try on clothing.

Roxberry Boutique parties will last approximately 2 hours.  Attendees may purchase with cash, check or credit.  Roxberry Boutique assumes no liability for damage or injury.   We will bring items in multiple sizes.  

Book today and let's have fun!

Private Party